The Reverie – A Home Made of Dreams (Dreams live in details)

The Reverie – A Home Made of Dreams (Dreams live in details)

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A lyrical home, with attention to detail, love and passion evident in every element of every room. Presenting our dream-home project that drove us to the depths of despair, tears of frustration and the highs of utter joy and satisfaction. When Maya and Vivek approached us for their home interior design, with this vision that was their dream, the whole team went on the dream together, as there is no other way to make dreams come true but to dive in heart, soul and sinew. 

Maya and Vivek’s home is the place where dreams will have no choice but to come true. Each and every interior design element, from the art-work in the foyer, to the clamps that hold the traditional yet contemporary swing in the common area, to making sure to sourcing the exact shade of blue to match the custom made resin river dining table. 

Let us take a walk together down the lanes of a beautiful dream.

1. The entry way. 

The entryway is simple and elegant. With the play of light and texture and a stunning piece of wooden carved panel in distressed finish, custom made by an artisan in Jodhpur, and a beautiful bench made out of a live edge wood. The bold character of the textured wall brings out subtlety of the art piece so well.

2. Drawing room

The entry gives way to a very cosy and cute sitting area on the right. A spectacular distressed blue chiffonier. Thanks to the very talented artisans in Jodhpur, we were able to get the right colour and design and the end product blew our minds. The blue chiffonier is the highlight of the room, which is adorned by comfortable couches in tan brown colour. The centre table is again made out of a beautiful piece of live edge wood. The industrial chandelier hanging atop from the wooden sectioned ceiling lights up the room with the a golden glow, giving the room a most inviting and warm feeling.

3. Dining & Family Area

We approached this room with the idea of making space for everyone. Client gave us brief to design a house that has indian art incorporated to it, yet keeping it easy to maintain furniture.

Zones were created that can be enjoyed by the kids and the parents, to read, to work or even to just lounge peacefully soaking in the calming vibes of the room. 

The entry way walks into a beautiful dining area. The dining table has been one of our most treasured pieces for this home. We were thrilled to be working with a furniture company that uses wood from trees which fell naturally due to Cyclone in Chennai 4 years back and they build them into the most beautiful pieces for your home. No trees were cut for this home. The dining table is a combination of gorgeous piece of wood, with a epoxy resin blue river joining the 2 big logs of wood. This breath-taking blue was also replicated in the leather of the custom made dining chairs and various tones of blues keeps popping up throughout the home like a beautiful flighty blue butterfly. 

Between the dining table and the swing (which we will come to soon), the right wall has been transformed into a beautiful reading nook. For the love for books, Vivek asked us to design a book shelf with a cozy seating. And when we presented a unique design idea for it, they all loved the idea. And you can see how lovely it has come out. 

And Opposite to this colourful and cosy reading nook is a serene white chest of drawers which holds a striking painting of bright pink bougainvillea hand painted with love for Maya by her dear friend.  

And now the swing! Maya and her family wanted a swing, but they did not want the typical traditional wooden swing, neither did they want a run of the mill swings with no story behind them. We decided to not use the traditional metal chain for this swing. Our chief architect Jasdeep, in a stroke on inspiration decided to source the steel cables used in cranes and the clamps to fix the cables had to be especially procured from Mumbai

4. The bedrooms

Each of the bedrooms has its own unique style and features that stand out. The master bedroom has one of our favourite customised element, one which we loved getting made. The master bed has been adorned by elegant cane work on the head board which we encased in glass to preserve the beauty and keep away the dust. The cane work brings a taste of old-school, reminiscence of the colonial style. 

The guest bedroom has been done up in calm pastel hues, with a functional and beautiful work desk. A custom made chevron pattern design on the chest of drawers provides a lovely pop to the room. 

The children’s bedroom has accents in lovely teal and a gorgeous blue walk in wardrobe. 

We had the most fun collaborating with wonderful people who pour their love and passion into their pieces. The wood and resin dining table, the art from Jodhpur, the blue sideboard, the swing. The dining table chairs went through number of iterations till we got it just right, and our trusted, most talented team did not back down till the result was as imagined. 

It has been a great journey working on this home, with Maya and Vivek, who offered their full trust and enthusiasm.

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