FAQ's on Architecture, Interior & Office Designing, and Furniture Designs

What should we bring when we come to meet you?

It would be advisable to bring a copy of the sketch of the site along with the brief for the project. (A few photographs or video clips of the site would be helpful too)

When do you visit the site?

After our first discussion for the project we would let you know a comfortable date by which we can visit your site.

What services do you offer?

How much do you charge for your services?

Please refer to the details of our services like Architecture designing, Interior designing, and office designing and some furniture designs and contact us for the charges.

Do we have to pay you an advance before starting the project?

Yes. The amount depends on the project.

When do we get the ‘services and fee statement’ from you?

We usually send the ‘services and fee statement’ to the prospective clients only once we have had a detailed discussion (over the phone) regarding the project and choose to take it to the next level. It is necessary that we learn the project brief before we can send you the ‘services and fee statement’. Do give us a call on the numbers given in the contact and request for the same.

If we are comfortable with each others ideas, what are the details required before designing our project?

1) Survey Sketch
2) Total Station (Digital) Survey in CAD/ Dwg format. (we would give you instructions on points to be considered during the survey of your site)
3) Details of the site (we would give you a form which would have to be filled up by the client and returned to us)
4) A copy of the land deed document(s).
5) A copy of the Basic Tax Register (BTR from the village office) related to the survey number(s) of your site.
6) And, of course, detailed project requirements.

When would you start designing our project?

We take up only a limited number of projects each year to maintain a certain level of quality and as a result, we usually have a waiting list of projects/clients. We would add your project to this list and take it up based on the schedule. Kindly contact us to know the present waiting period.

How does the whole process of designing happen?

When clients contact us for their project, we make sure that we send them a link to this website or a mail that contains a gist of this website’s content. If the clients are comfortable with our ideas of architecture/design mentioned in the details sent to them, we call them over for a meeting in our office after which we visit their site. After the site visit, we give them a list of points to be considered when they get the digital survey of the site done. (This is to ensure that there isn’t any error regarding the site details.) Once the survey details are obtained we call the clients for a detailed discussion regarding the requirements of the project. During this discussion, we note down all details regarding the project. (This would be a session where we take the client through their requirements right from the entry gate to the backyard of their proposed project.) As the next step, we sit with these requirements and prepare a core concept which would give a direction to their project. Once a basic layout is ready, we call the clients for the next meeting, which would help us both finalise the design. If the clients have communicated well during the first two sessions it has been our experience that the clients approve what we show them at this stage. As soon as the meeting is over we strengthen our design based on the outcome of the discussion. The next step is to finalise the project based on the final presentation. After which, we carry on with the detailed drawings for approval/construction.

Do you handle Renovation/Extension/Conservation projects?


If we already have a plan ready from some other source, would you detail/ design the rest of such a project?

No. We prefer to start the project from the scratch to ensure the best from us as Architects.