Dine like a King Deux

Dine like a King Deux

Interoir Design

The Dining Chair

Continuing our series on Luxury Dining spaces, we will discuss the Dining Chair. The chairs on this table deserve a full article, since they are the ones that are the most used, and also the most seen. Hence, they need to be beautiful and functional, and ideally last for a long time.

Functionally, a luxury chair needs to blend in with the decor or contrast as the designer envisioned, give evidence of expert workmanship, be sturdy to support the weight of the occupant, and be supremely comfortable since you will be sitting in it for a long period of time. It should also be light enough to be moved quickly if needed. Think Studios recommends that you go with our bespoke range of Dining Tables and Chairs, that are custom designed and built for luxury spaces. We have used custom sizes for MyHome Ankura and designed a large table for a family with large sizes that could fit 4 large chairs where usually 6 would fit. With a custom designer, you get the ultimate flexibility to tailor to your needs. For the new luxury apartments like MyHome Bhooja, MyHome Nishada, MyScape Loft, and Poulomi Palazzo, we specifically build the table and chairs tailored to the space and needs of the client. The seat height is typically 18 to 20 inches. We also recommend that you have at least 30 inches for each person on the table so that its very comfortable.

We focus on the design of Head or the End Chairs. The other aspects that we then look at are the side chairs, and arm chairs, which follow the same design language. For the Head chair, we usually recommend going for a high back, arm chair, draped in luxury fabric or leather. The authority needs to be made clear! For the other chairs, we can choose chairs with arms or without arms depending on the table. Chairs should have high back if they are going in a luxury space. We might go in for low back chairs if they are in an informal area. Chairs with no backs at all are making their appearance, but are a very small percentage of cases, and must be done tastefully. Do not mix multiple chair types. At most two are recommended – one type for head / end chair, and then the other chairs. Pro tip: If you have kids, it is best to get a full baby chair rather that attach a baby chair to a luxury dining chair since it will usually not be very stable as they are custom sized.

While leather is usually a go to in luxury spaces, fabrics are magical especially for the head chairs of a dining table since they allow for patterns, motifs, or figures to be displayed. For your home, select a fabric that is easy to clean, durable, and for which you like the touch. Touch the fabric with your arm to really understand how it will feel to you when you sit on it. With improvements in fabric, you are spoilt for choice and can get a color, texture, and durability that you desire. Look for a polyester mix for ease of cleaning.

For comfort, look at the contours of the chair, and sit in it for a significant period of time so see if the chair speaks to you. I would recommend reading a good article while seated in the chair for 3-4 minutes. This is the litmus test! While a good provider worth his salt will use excellent materials viz wood, metal, fabric and foam to ensure the product is long lasting, it is good to check on warranty and the details of the products that go into the chair so that you are satisfied.

Read our article on the dining table, and lighting. For the chairs and the table to become the centerpiece of attention, correct light which is layered must be designed to highlight the luxurious aspects of this piece of furniture.

However, as you would agree, the pièce de résistance is not the chair or the table. It is the house, and how it makes you fee. Do get in touch with us to help us create the home of your dreams!

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