Dining Spaces part deux

Dining Spaces part deux

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How to style your luxury Dining Space

The dining space is the place where we spend most of our time socializing and having fun. You can sit in this space for hours with your friends and family, and create memories over food and wine. We continue in this article to cover some tips for decorating this space to cherish for life.

The dining table takes up most space in this room, and contrary to what you are thinking, it is best to leave it minimalistic, with just a single or at most two pieces of art or decoration as a centerpiece. The luxury table that you have is already a statement piece, and it needs to be shown in all its glory. Make your the lighting is perfect to allow you to showcase this fully. Make sure this is something chic but simple so that it does not compete for attention from the rest of the space. For some of the chairs, you can put small throws, but only if they go with the overall home decor.

Choosing a chandelier is extremely important. This is the second statement piece in the room, and it must be large, bright with the right color temperature, and eye catching even when it is turned off. This is a good piece to contrast, so if you have a straight line scheme with dining table and chairs, use a chandelier that has a wavy or a designer shape. If the table is oval, the chandelier can be straight lines. If you have a beautiful chandelier that is not too bright, fear not! You can turn up the other lights, and use this one as more of a decoration piece. Design the other lights well. Pro tip: keep the chandelier at least 36 inches from the top of the table. There, that gives you freedom to choose the large one you were eyeing and were not sure it’ll be suitable! Do make sure it does not extend beyond the table or you will bump into it while getting up. Ambient lighting must be designed keeping in mind the artwork, consoles and drapes in the area to make sure the light layers match the key visual cues in the room.

Since this is the space where most of the socializing happens, it is the place to keep your signature artwork. A grand mirror can also be placed. In MyHome Bhooja, we kept a large polished marble that created a surreal mirror effect. Please keep the proportions of the wall where the artwork or mirror is to be placed, and match it to that. The artwork should inspire you, or speak to your aesthetic style.

Storage, in the form of a sideboard, hutch, console or a buffet can be created besides the table. It offers convenient storage for the expensive china bar-ware, and it can be a look-through modern design to showcase the cutlery. Keep it large, or minimalistic depending on your aesthetic, as well as the storage need. In MyHome Ankura, we have designed two dining areas. The formal on the ground floor is grand, chic, but does not have much storage. The one in the informal area has pop due to its shape and color, it has its own light, and has massive storage as well, since it is close to the bar area which is again open and has minimal storage. Your use and aesthetic will dictate what you will need in this space. Pro tip: Your expensive china, table settings, napkin rings, huge vases with flowers etc need not live on your dining table. It is difficult to maintain and should be stored in the storage, not to mention chances of breakages. These are distractions, and should be placed just before the formal dinner, not otherwise. The focus should be on the dining table, chairs, artwork and lighting, which make the space come alive.

Window treatments are essential. Dining spaces usually lead into balconies, and a good drape choice is a must – aligned to your home aesthetic. Please see our article on drapes and curtains to make a good choice. Automated curtains are a good choice since these are moved quite often and tend to gather dust in the middle if hands are used.

As you can see, luxury design is an art, and the artists at ThinkStudios are here to help you evolve your living spaces. Please get in touch with us and walk into a home that is effortlessly brilliant!

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