A view from the top

A view from the top

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Why the top floors matter

Words like ‘Top’, ‘Highest’, and ‘Among the clouds’ are used in marketing literature liberally for a reason. They distinguish the projects from the mundane. When you buy a top floor of a luxury apartment, you buy exclusivity and an entry into an elite club.

You have arrived in life, and made a luxury top floor your own. Congratulations! Well appointed flats come with exclusive marble floors, lifts, fittings and a great ambience. In the society, you expect well appointed furniture and exclusively curated vegetation. What you need now is exclusive luxury in your house to make it stand out, reflect your character, and also distinguish your house from others – be the first among equals. This is the unsaid need for buyers in exclusive projects like Paulomi Palazzo, MyHome Nishada, and Prestige Beverly Hills.

While high rise apartments are relatively new to Hyderabad, these have been the mainstay in cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon, and to some extent, Pune. Having experience in working in such cities, Think Studios is the right partner to help create and bring to life your exclusive, enviable adobe.

A top floor gives great views, great ventilation and bright light. After the sun sets, you can spend long hours looking at the city scape and city lights. During monsoons, clouds become your best friends! To enhance the views from each and every aspect of the house, MyHome Nishada has given houses that are open on three sides, with offsets so that you are promised exclusive views. Clever use of windows is also required so that there is a sense of space and continuity between the living space and the wide expanse. Curtains and drapes are very important in enhancing this experience so one can seamlessly alternate between privacy, bright light, and open skies. The colors for the walls and furniture should enhance the sense of space and should be neutral.

The furniture reflecting your personality, can be modern, contemporary, traditional or a mix of all. The designer should include lounge chairs and external facing furniture that is weather proof in the exposed areas, and near the windows to allow the ability to enjoy uninterrupted communion with the sky.

Some rooms will have relatively less light. These rooms have a personality that is different from the other rooms! The designer should use lights cleverly to bring out the shadows and a play on rugs or darker colors can give the room a different character. Most of these rooms will be dedicated home theaters.

Choose ornate chandeliers. They enhance the evenings and nights. They also reflect the day light on the ceiling in different shades lending a unique aspect to the rooms.
For more such exciting ideas, please do contact Think Studios.

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