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Dining Spaces

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How to design your Dining Space

The dining space is the place where we spend most of our time socializing and having fun. You can sit in this space for hours with your friends and family, and create memories over food and wine. We cover some tips for designing this space so that it is a space to cherish for life.

As always, first measure the space, including the ceiling. Based on this, you will need to choose your dining table, and the sideboards, while keeping space for circulation as well as walking or relaxing. The dining table should ideally be proportional to the room space, and go with the decor. We cover the dining table and chairs in separate articles.

Lighting, which is a must to get right is also covered in depth in another article. We will go over the specifics for dining room. We aim to create layers, and this also gives you options to switch on a certain set of lights to create a specific ambience – for example, you can custom design a quiet romantic ambience, glamorous for those parties, and sedate for informal, personal family dinner. A good large chandelier is a must. Soft, intimate light setting for the romantic dinners, general lighting for kids doing homework on the dining table, or family dinners, and the full repertoire for that occasional party with many guests. Put dimmers on the lights for added control. The paint that you put on the walls, or the wallpaper has a huge bearing on the decor. Please visualize using 3D so that all the selection and the color schemes flow into each other and do not jar the visual landscape. However, this does not mean that everything should match. That is a no-no! Do the selection so that you use complementary colors and matching decor. This brings a little variety (but not too much, please) that helps relax the eyes. Use contrast, and texture either in the chair furniture or wallpaper or even the shape of the chandelier to highlight and make an element pop. In MyHome Bhooja, we created a marble cladding wall that was the highlight of the dining area. It was inconspicuous until the lights turned on, and was a conversation starter! Home furniture designing in Hyderabad is our forte

At MyHome Ankura, we created two dining spaces. One was a formal dining area in the ground floor, and another on the top floor for the family and some private parties. This gave us an option of going completely formal with the ground floor dining space which afforded us the opportunity to use exquisite materials like performance velvet to communicate luxury to the users. In the more informal space, we focused more on comfort and conversation. We do customize interior furniture design in Hyderabad which helps create that specific look and feel for your house that is totally unique.

A good addition to your dining space can be a rug. Granted, in India, this is an item that will need good maintenance especially if you have small kids, but some new rugs bring out the contrast so effectively they are worth the effort. When you are taking a rug, plan to take a large rug that allows the chairs to be on the rug when they are pulled out all the way from the table. A large rug will make your room appear larger and more luxurious, and combined with a good mirror, it will amplify the impact. Also, invest in a good vacuum cleaner or professional detailers once in 3 months to keep it looking like new!

The Pooja room also shares the space with the dining room. Please design the room so that the circulation between the two rooms are effortless. Since these two spaces have different uses, and will be designed separately, it is still important from an aesthetics perspective to have them share some design cues so that they flow with each other.

And please get in touch with us if you need any help with designing your dream home space. We at ThinkStudios are always eager to help you bring your dreams to life! We are, after all, arguably one of the best interior designing company in Hyderabad. Luxury Interior designers in Hyderabad or elsewhere are a must so that someone with experience in this field can make it a little easier!

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