The hardworking space

The hardworking space

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A Guide to Design your Luxury Bathroom

I am hardly working when I am in the bathroom, what is so hardworking about this space? Unlike other spaces, work here involves all disciplines – Plumbing, Functional Design, Aesthetics, Visual Design, Electric fixtures and custom fixtures. After the kitchen, the bathroom is the space that needs most energy to get right.

Since this is the space that allows total privacy, it should have a design language that focuses on being calm and collective. Bathrooms also must be well appointed and each bathroom should tell a separate story. While designing multiple bathrooms in MyHome Ankura, we took care to align the theme of the bathroom to the primary occupants of the adjacent bedroom. In luxury apartments like MyHome Bhooja and Jayabheri The Peak, we have retained a couple of bathrooms as designed by the builder, and customized the others which are more used, and more observed by guests.

The customization of a bathroom sometimes requires a lot of civil work including change of plumbing lines. You must be prepared for a lot of dust, and time since multiple tasks are involved. Plumbing, electrical lines, and civil work must finish before tiles and your new fixtures can be installed. And then there has to be check for fault lines which can lead to mold in the future. The intent is not to scare, but give a realistic picture of the timelines involved when you need a great, luxurious bathroom. This work is done best in a new home, with all the interior works. We rarely recommend changing anything except the tiles in older homes.

Fixtures for the bathroom are expensive. When installed correctly, they should give the same emotion that you see when they are advertised on TV. If your designer cannot do this for you, they are not worth the salt. Salts from the water will spoil your expensive fixtures, so we recommend a water softening solution if your society already does not have one. Its great for your skin, as well as the life of those fixtures, Jacuzzi, and exotic showers.

Bathroom design must align the basic elements of the WC, Shower cubicle and the sink so that the effort extended while visiting the room is not excessive. A person should be easily able to alternate between each of these, without the need to go back and forth. Vastu considerations are also important and must be adhered to at the home design stage itself to avoid expensive alterations later.

Powder rooms are the space to show understated elegance. We recommend use of marble, art mirrors, unique sinks and slabs, and expensive lights to create a space worthy of a 7 star hotel. This space is used by most guests, and it should have the best fixtures. This room has the least complex plumbing requirement since there is no shower and thus its easier to create an atmosphere of opulence.

For the master bedroom and other spaces, we go by the client requirements, and what they are looking for in the space. In MyHome Ankura, the owner wanted a space which did not seem enclosed. Ankura has a very large bathroom adjoining the master bedroom with a very large window that looks out. We used a unique design involving selective glass frosting and blinds to give an effect of openness, as well as an option of privacy when needed. This was also automated. Thus, the options are many and are limited only by the designer’s vision.

We hope this article has been useful in explaining what you need to keep in mind while designing a great relaxing and opulent space in the bath area. We have lot of experience in designing and delivering luxury solutions. Please get in touch with us at for designing and creating your luxury living space.

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