Let there be light – Again!

Let there be light – Again!

Interoir Design

The second primer on Light

Light Design is to luxury spaces what breath is to life. We, at Think Studios, understand this, and through this blog article will share pointers which will help you in your journey to enhance the luxury quotient of your living spaces.

The mood of a space can be impacted by using a mix and match of multiple lighting methodologies. At night, when natural light is not present, we play the medley using four major types of lighting – Ambient, Focus, Ceiling, and Accent lighting. Natural light, the fifth and the most important element is the next important consideration.

Why a Medley you ask? Well, if I play a single note again and again, I won’t have an audience. The only way to create magic is to mix the elements, and mix it well! A well lit space enhances the luxury design elements and effortlessly transports you to a relaxing environment. In a subtle way, light also helps differentiate key spaces in the home. In MyHome Ankura, for example, we designed a home with different light signatures for different floors, and the spaces at the same floor. The ground floor with the living spaces was warm and inviting, while the bedroom space was more cozy. At the top, in the party area, we gave options for sharp and exciting or sober and moody. The client, a young successful couple, appreciated the way each space blended and enhanced their lifestyle! Pro tip – Do not ignore the lighting in the lift

In apartments like MyHome Bhooja, MyHome Nishada, Aparna The One, and Jayabheri The Peak, spaces tend to flow into each other, and the design becomes more engaging since we have to make the flow seamless and magical.

Before we understand the How, we need to understand the What. Ceiling lighting, as the name suggests, lights up the room from the ceiling. This is ubiquitous, and the most basic.

Most homes rely only on these, and have unflattering shadows both for your furniture, and the people in the house. In contrast, Ambient lighting has a soft, natural feeling. It has an even glow. A table lamp with a fabric shade creates a soft, warm grow.

Focus lighting is used in areas where work from home is done, food preparation area, or reading nook. It has a much brighter beam of light, that is focused on a single area. Some examples are table lamps for students, pendant lights, bathroom vanity lights etc

Accent lighting is not functional, but is used to light up and direct attention to an object or an area. If you have art, it is lit up by accent lighting. An architecture area with special shapes or texture; or a special furniture item can be highlighted using accent lighting. It increases the contrast thus making the space more dramatic, stylish and luxurious. This is very bright, and its use must be well designed.

Now to the How! To play music, you must know the notes, and the same is with the lighting. When one understands the variety of options, it becomes easier to bring to life the vision one has of the luxury space.

We recommend starting to imagine how the space will look at night as an easy first step. Once you have a vision, try to understand how the space will feel with different type of lights at different angles, heights, intensity, and combinations. Colours, textures, and other design elements are enhanced with multiple lights. Choose the ones that are closest to your vision and zero in on them. After this design is done, try to imagine the space in the daytime, and how your lights would appear in the day. Usually, some tweaks are required and the daytime mood can also be modified using curtains or blinds, which will be a topic for another article!

As you imagine the lights in your space, do also pay attention to the form of lights. Do you want chandeliers, track lights, or pendant lights? What are the light fixtures you want to install? Home Automation and Dimmers can also be used, but one needs to be careful in choosing the right partner from the multiple options available. The Switches that you operate also should give a satisfying look and feel. There are unlimited options, and its very exciting to discover new ways to light up spaces! When you go to a lighting store, do ask them to show photographs of their implementation to get a good idea. Pro tip – ask them for professional photographs, since mobile photos will blow up highlights and not give a good idea of the ‘look and feel’ of the space. Pro tip 2 – match the colour, textures and material to the other elements in the space so that continuity and cohesiveness is maintained. You want the art to stand out, not the light bulb! This is especially important in bathrooms.

Do not underestimate the importance of a great team that is able to execute. With the great variety present in the market, warranty and support are very important. Its always better to get the fittings done with the place that is supplying the lights. They usually have the best installers, who understand the requirements of the lights. Open cables and patchwork of hiding cables are a no-no for any luxury space.

We understand this can be confusing, and we are here to help! Please reach out to Think Studios, and we will help you light up your dream luxury space.

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