Enhancing your boring windowless bathroom

Enhancing your boring windowless bathroom

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A sunny kitchen and master bedroom are key to a good living space. They are the natural elements, which cannot be created artificially, and must be effectively designed. One thing that does not get much thought is bathrooms. Typically, they are dark and need thought and design to ensure they are welcoming spaces.

Luxury is enveloping all senses. In our bathrooms, restrooms, and powder rooms, there is a heightened sense of privacy and a well designed area enhances the appeal of the living spaces. Functional elements like WC, shower cubicles, fittings like faucets and sinks have a huge availability and choice. A good designer is able to cut through the clutter in the market like a hot knife cuts through butter and create a masterpiece.

Visually, these spaces present opportunity to either present a sudden contrast, or continuity. Imagine a powder room that is concealed, and once opened, provides a visual contrast that is striking with elements that make you wonder. This can be a great conversation started before dinner, which is when typically guests move from the living to the dining spaces and use the powder room in the ensuing time. A space that uses windows to blend into the living spaces will need to follow the guidance of continuity. Windows looking into the bathroom can be used strategically so that the privacy is not disturbed, and a striking element of the design is still visible from outside. While this is extensively used in hotel rooms, it can be adapted to home designs as well. Make sure to incorporate his into the design when the house is being constructed. Another element that helps with this design is getting natural light into the bathrooms. Indeed, there is no substitute for natural light, and we have seen that open to sky and some well designed windows that let light into the bathroom add that additional element of adventure while respecting the privacy. Opaque windows can also be used, but these are usually avoided unless there is some other design element that can enhance these or not bring attention to them apart from them being a light source.

Lights and mirrors are usually used to enhance the light, and the sense of space and expanse. Lights that focus on some areas and mirror placement is important. The background, which can be marble or tiles that replicate marble, are usually the best bet in creating a space that wows the senses. Tiles with texture, that reflect light well are usually used. However, they can never compete with polished marble for the real feel of luxury and class. Shiny and reflective surfaces can also be chosen for finishes and elements like faucets and sink surfaces.

In terms of light, we recommend using lights that create a glow, and do not create harsh lights. Warm colour complements your walls and fixtures nicely. If you have space, we recommend putting in a good bath tub. In addition to separating spaces, it creates texture, and gives a sense of tranquility and grandeur. Tubs do not have an extensive selection, so choose that first before selecting the other elements. Take care also to choose door handles that go with the taps and faucets. The exhaust used in these spaces must be concealed and go with the decor. These small touches are what complete the look and feel and create that wow factor. High end finishes, elegant marble, warm lights, and metal tones on their own are great, but having a designer choose them so that they flow seamlessly is what elevates the space to a conversation starter and wonder from the guests!

In your journey to take a dark dingy room into the lap of luxury, Think Studios is your best friend. We have elevated basic and ordinary rooms that no one would even glance at into objects of art that have elicited wows from our clients. Do get in touch with us to learn more!

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