Styling and Decor Essentials For A Positive Home

Styling and Decor Essentials For A Positive Home

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Every new year comes with unlimited possibilities and a chance to make life even better, realise dreams, scale new heights. The turn of the year brings a promise of being exceptional. Of expanding horizons and testing boundaries. The year-end often witnesses people taking stock of the year gone by, evaluating successes and learning from failures, getting wish-lists and goals and plans ready for the new year. For it is a fresh start, a new beginning where nothing has gone wrong yet.

And as we prepare to welcome the new year in our own special ways, here are some tips to welcome positivity and abundance this 2020 into your homes. Whether you are designing a new home, or you are moving around things in your present home, here are some tips that will definitely help make it a more positive place.

  • Bring In The Sun

Our immediate surroundings impact our mental health. It is a good idea to have surroundings that are bright and it is even better if it can be done through natural light. Sunlight is a great way to bring in a cherry feel into your rooms, so if you are lucky to have large windows and live in a sunny place, throw open the shades and let the light fill up the spaces. In case you are not so lucky, fret not! Use white lights and reduce dark surfaces. Covering dark surfaces with cheerful pastels and whites also help. Do let the fresh air and sunlight come in for at least some time during the day to clear out the stale air from the day before and freshen up things.

  • Clutter Be Gone

We have become hoarders with so many lovely things around us. A thing of beauty gives joy forever, but when there are too many things of beauty they can often lead to clutter and clutter is never a good sign if you are aiming for a space full of positive energy. Clutter gathers dust, looks untidy and generates a feeling of restlessness and negativity in those living around it. Now would be a good idea to say goodbye to all the things that you no longer need, and those that no longer serve any purpose.  Declutter and make space for maybe newer and nicer things. You will enjoy the cleared up space so much that you will not be in a hurry to fill it up again.

  • Clean And Clear Spaces

Our homes are places we come back to after a long day at work, or when we need solace, or just enjoy a quiet moment by ourselves. It should generate a great sense of calm as soon as we enter. Keep the décor minimalist, have lots of clean spaces, free from jarring distractions. It is also a good idea to make a personal space, even a meditative area where you feel completely at peace. Everywhere you look, you should be able to see something that makes you happy and harmonious. 

  • Get Close To Nature

Nature is a great healer. Whether you live in a flat or a bungalow, a personal garden, even a tiny balcony garden works wonders. Green is a colour that is said to soothe and relax. Place green leafy plants in your balcony or your lawns. You can also have green leafy plants indoors. They instantly make the environs beautiful and keep you close to the soothing nature. Some good indoor plants are snake plants, money plants, lucky bamboo and palm. Add plants to bring in harmony to your house and within its inhabitants. 

  • There’s something in the air

A beautiful home gets an added dimension if it even smells inviting. The stores are flooded with interesting options which can add a subtle but beautiful scent to your living space. You can choose from a variety of diffusers and use aromatic essential oils, electric diffusers or the kind that use candles. Even scented candles make for a great sight and fragrance, or our good old incense sticks and sambhranis. Some fragrances like lavender even get a good night’s sleep. If you want to avoid chemicals, feel free to use fragrant and natural potpourri in different parts of the house. Go ahead and use them to spread that aroma. 

  • Clear the path

A great way to ensure you enter your home with positivity is to keep the foyer, doorway or whatever little or big space you have by the main door clean and beautiful. An ornate wooden mirror, some plants can do the trick. In Indian homes, we often have a shoe rack as soon as we enter. That’s fine. You can have an interesting shoe rack and decorate the surface with crystal turtles, small plants and even a bowl of potpourri.

  • Make a good entrance

The first thing that you see when you reach your home is the main door and the name and number plate. A beautiful possibly handcrafted name plate gives a wonderful appeal to the door and acts as a great first impression about those who live inside. You can choose quirky, ornate wooden, simple and elegant, handpainted in Madhubani style, with an added space for a small plant, terracotta name plates. Each nameplate can be unique and ensure a smile on the face of those coming in.

  • Small changes that make major difference

Certain furnishings like curtains, table linen, bed spreads occupy a large surface area in the home. So one very simple way to brighten up your home is the change the curtains and bedspreads. Curtains are a great way to go as you can play around with colours, textures, prints and fabric. Team a sheer curtain with a colourful solid curtain, printed curtains with solid block curtains, dark colours with light, the possibilities are endless. Have pleasant bedspreads to invite good sleep and table linen on which the food decorated looks like art.

A clean home and a clean heart is all that is needed to live a happy life!.

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Essential Decors & Styles for Positive house

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