How to build a good home theatre

How to build a good home theatre

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Family time is the best time. Even if it is just watching a movie together. Especially, when the movie watching experience can be mind-blowing with your very own home theatre.
So, what makes a good home theatre? There are some very crucial elements that go into making the perfect home theatre and today we will tell you those elements and how we at Think Studios incorporated them for one of our movie-buff clients.


A movie watching experience can be immersive only if you are getting enveloped by the accompanying sound. Each raindrop on screen, should sound like rain inside your room, each bullet whizzes past your ear and thunder jolts you off your seats. To achieve this in just the right amount, we have used wooden panelling on the walls as well as the ceiling to give the complete surround sound, without it being too much or too low.


A perfect home theatre has just the correct amount of darkness, with no stray slivers of light spoiling your movie experience. We have given this customised home theatre, dark walls and ceiling, with carefully placed accent lights to ensure great viewing without the hindrance of unwanted reflections and distractions.


A great seating in a home theatre would be the kind which will give each viewer an uninterrupted view of the screen and perfect comfort. We have used the best recliners, to ensure that once you are in all that exists for you is the movie on the screen and the popcorn in your hands.


That is the crux of the whole thing. Is it not? We have added a pop of colour by using red recliners. It is a room ready to be enjoyed by family and friends of all ages.
So, who’s getting popcorn!?

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