Why bespoke design in modern era

Why bespoke design in modern era

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How design demonstrates a unique you

What do you want from a home? The roots of this question are to be found in thequestion – Who am I? Many a philosopher has tried to answer, but for a billion humans, there are a billion different answers. Today, the question, and more importantly, the answer is very important for deciding since we are offered a plethora of choices. Unless this is clear, we run a very real risk of paralysis by analysis and the very home that was to be an abode of peace and
tranquility turns out to be a source of stress and anxiety.

I hear this argument a lot more in the online world than the real world. In the real world, clients approach the designer after having put in a thought process and have a direction of where they want to land up. I still wanted to reflect on this argument since this question is very frequently asked.

Bespoke design is a journey, and is involving. Today, we are offered a lot of things that are good quality, of a good standard, and function well. There are good examples of solutions that are plug and play. Why should one go in for a bespoke design? Arguably, one of the disadvantages of bespoke design, and for that instance, any luxury product is low volumes, and inherent reliability issues. Why should one still go in this direction? Read on!

The argument assumes that all humans can be painted with the same brush. This is a fallacy and everyone has their own expression, which is what makes the canvas of the human race so interesting. In nature, all Ants have the same way of doing things, they run by instinct, and they are very good at it. All ant-hills are the same, and run on the same design principles. Humans, on the other hand are creative, and are driven by intellect aided by instinct. Thus, we find that in all human dwellings, there are unique characters that spring up. Even in communist countries, where all houses look the same, the interiors of the house will reflect the type of person who occupies the house.

The other leg of the argument is efficiency, and comparison to mass market products like iPhones. Efficiency will cost lower, and an iPhone will be able to inflate its price using marketing to make you feel unique, but all these are assembly line products and can never be a unique reflection that needs to be built with care and sensitivity.

Thus, human expression, and what you want to bring out in the work that you do, in the interactions you have, and in whatever you occupy and touch is important for you. As a teacher hones your skills and guides you, a good designer understands what you are looking for in a house and helps you uncover and translate that vision into reality. This is a unique solution for every human, and this has to be investigated and designed. It is beautiful, lovely, and unique.

There is also the matter of the capability in terms of resources to bring the vision into existence. An experienced designer first understands the vision, what are the articulated and unarticulated needs, what is needed, and then create the end result with a team that is able to translate the vision into reality. Arguably, this is more efficient than going solo since home design and delivery can go wrong both in terms of time and execution unless directed well.

There are many resources for you to discover what you would like to see in your house. interest, Instagram, and many TV channels show us tips and tricks. Do have fun exploring all these. Where a designer has an edge is speeding up the design process, and understanding how the various design elements will relate to each other and will they satisfy your expression, and also how far and how efficiently the budget that you have will stretch. This is a continuous feedback process, and you become good friends at the end!

While choosing a designer, it becomes important therefore to check the experience they have, the variety of designs they have brought to life, and what is their signature style and does it resonate with what you have in mind. Talk to them to see if they ‘get’ you. Spend your time evaluating good designers and executioners, this saves time later of rework and delays.

Think Studios offers Bespoke Design Services that are focused on luxury design and execution. We take personal interest in your home and design and execute it with you all the way. Each of our designs are unique and we have never repeated the same design – its all focused on what you want to see and experience in your home and we appreciate that and bring it to life. We take pride in our team that has delivered many projects on time, without
delays, and within budget.

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