Engulf your senses with Design

Engulf your senses with Design

Interoir Design

The home theater is a space that is insulated from the other parts of your home, and gives an opportunity to create magic.

While other parts of the home are separated by walls and doors, and some by partition, the space that houses the home theater is a truly private and insulated area. This is done to ensure that light and sound, which are the hallmarks of a great movie experience, do not get adulterated by outside interference. Hence, the home theater room is a good place which gives you an option to have private conversations, critical meetings, and also place for meditation and reading. What you want from this space will decide the design elements, so be sure to keep the usage in mind while getting the design done.

For most of the times, the home theater room will be open and must appeal as a usable space even when watching a movie or listening to music is not the intent. Hence, the design elements should give the room a dual personality – open, inviting on one side and closed and enveloping on the other. Lights and play of material help enable this distinction.

For the movie buffs, nothing beats the theater like experience of sitting in front of the screen, in a recliner and allowing the movie makers to enthrall you visually and aurally. To reach this elevated experience, sound and light engineering is critical. Amplifiers and speakers can be purchased online, and we would recommend investing in a sound designer to optimize the placements of the expensive speakers to get the full experience. For vision, we recommend going for a projector solution that is future ready and is able to help you connect to multiple channels and supports a minimum of 4K. A small feature that is overlooked is the UX implementation of the amplifier and the projector, including the remote functionality. You should not have to remember and recall multiple settings while starting a movie – this should be a service provided by the consultant. Luxury also involves having a single point of control, which is easy to understand and operate by everyone in the house as well.

Unlike a phone, this implementation cannot be changed every 2 years. It is important do invest in technology that is proven, future proof upto 3 years at least, and is user friendly.

Home theater needs a culmination of many technical disciplines – acoustics, visual, automation, and aesthetics. A well designed room encompassing all elements must also satisfy the tastes of the users. A cinema buff and a music aficionado will need different elements for lighting, speakers, and indeed the décor and seating of the room. The architect must understand the end users, their tastes, and guide her technical teams so that the resulting product appeals to the users.

At Think Studios, we take bespoke luxury design to the next level. With a team of sound, light, and automation engineers guided by our experienced architects, we will elevate your theater experience. Unparalleled in both utility, form, and décor, it’ll be a proud element in your dream house.

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