Design Ethos

Modern Classic Homestead

Project Name:
Mayfair Villa, Hyderabad
Greenmark Developers
4800 sq.ft
Project type:
Residential Apartment Interiors

The overarching challenge in this project was to arrive at interiors that catered to four different mind-sets in such a way that the design is cohesive and well put-together. Premium teak wood, Acrylic finish and high end hardware have been used in the entire villa. Well-appointed marble has been used for regal flooring. Custom carpets, eclectic accessories, carefully curated paintings and custom made furniture add to the opulence.

The colour palette of this home includes cooling whites with shades of wood and black. This enables opportunity and space to experiment with other colours and themes without making it jarring or unpleasant. The muted neutral brown and grey palette enhances the feeling of a relaxed and luxurious expanse. Spacious comfortable sofas have been designed for long conversations and binge watching in luxurious comfort. The lighting can be controlled in individual spaces to give flexibility to enable natural light, bright lights or even soft lighting for watching that family movie night. There are options for blue and warm lights to manage the rhythm of natural human clocks.


The overall feel of the space allows the occupants to express their individuality using paintings and modern cues like the straight lines and triangles in the standing space and the crockery unit.