Elegantly Fashionable Apartments

A plain, utilitarian apartment was transformed into an ultra modern functional space. The client waited after purchasing his flat to make available a budget for his dream interiors. He wanted something that would wow him every time he entered the house, and something that was modern and was different from the regular interiors.

Within the space, different contours were created by using subtle cues like colours and heights of the floor. Since there were no small kids, this was practical as well. Differences were earmarked using contrasting colours so that the height differences are easily visible and do not cause people to inadvertently hit the steps.

Lighting was a great emphasis, since the client wanted something new everytime he entered the house. This was designed through a lighting system using an app on a tablet that allowed him to switch to different models of lighting.

The false ceiling was instrumental in segregating spaces and creating an aura using different lights. Uses of spot lighting to highlight paintings and wall textures, warm lighting for night, and blue lighting for parties, and concealed lighting to add an element of diffusion and soften the sharp lights

Artefacts and real plants were used to add a dash of colour and interest the eyes. The plants were chosen to also complement the oxygen in the room and drive out bad odours.